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KAS:ST announce Afterlife album & reveal single ‘Vtopia’

Photo credit: Henri Coutant

The Parisians explore the sounds of electronica, ambient, techno, rap, classical music, and pop.

The duo KAS:ST announced the release of their second album entitled ‘A Magic World’, which will be released on December 11th through Afterlife. As a preview, the artists released the first single, ‘Vtopia’, which features a music video that follows on from their 2019 video for ‘Hell On Earth’.

Carol and Manuel, members of KAS:ST, have taken advantage of global confinement to push the limits of their musical production. Behind closed doors and simmered over the course of 6 months his new studio album began to take shape.

‘Our next album is a much broader artistic exploration for us and we think it demonstrates our different musical influences …‘A Magic World’ is our vehicle to show a combination of Electronic, Rap, Pop, and Classical influences, without losing devotion to the sounds of Techno’, explains KAS:ST.

Pick up the album’s first single ‘Vtopia’ here, and watch the video below.

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