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Listen to Enrico Sangiuliano’s new single ‘Can U Feel It’

Now available via NINETOZERO Label.

Photo credit: Daniil Lavrovski

Italian techno stalwart Enrico Sangiuliano has released his new single ‘Can U Feel It’ under his record label, NINETOZERO. The track precedes an upcoming EP and follows his recently released ‘Glitch In Time’ EP.

‘Can U Feel It’ showcases Sangiuliano’s exploration of more subtle, euphoric rave sounds with a broader appeal. This track, fitting for large club rooms and festival stages, features pulsating breakbeats, trance-infused chords, and emotive, filtered vocals. The Acid Boost version adds an extra layer of energy with 303 elements, while the Radio Edit accentuates the uplifting synths and angelic vocals.

Sangiuliano explains, ‘Can U Feel It’ is the first part of the upcoming Chapter of NINETOZERO. It explores the connection between auditory perception and physical sensations. I deviated from the traditional dance track format to give the kick and bass more room to evolve, resulting in a more breakbeat type of thing.”

NINETOZERO, a record label with a limited lifespan, challenges the traditional concept of music perpetuity with its ten-release limit. After its tenth release, it will retire, creating an exclusive music collection. ‘Can U Feel It’ is its sixth release.

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Listen to ‘Can U Feel It’ below and download your copy here.

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