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Magdalena invites Hernan Cattaneo to Tulum’s SHADOWS

Photo Credit: Mario Pinta

Just like every year, Tulum transforms into the perfect scenario to enjoy some of the most renowned electronic music acts, featuring some of the best local and international DJ’s. On this occasion, German techno heavyweight Magdalena invited over Argentinean maestro Hernan Cattaneo to her ‘SHADOWS’ party this past January 8th.

With stages mounted deep in the jungle and by the turquoise sea, the vibe that engulfs this Mexican paradise attracts a wide crowd from all over the world and compels partygoers to come back, year after year. One of this season’s most awaited festivals, Magdalena’s ‘SHADOWS’, produced by Buenas Noches Producciones & Project Sound, is held in high regard. And especially this time around, with Hernan Cattaneo sharing the stage alongside Lee Jo Life, Driss Skalli & DJ Perenne.

The event was held in Taboo, a beach club that offers a spectacular beach surrounded by palm trees, white sand and an incomparable ambience that only Tulum can offer. People came in early, and expectations were palpable. As clubbers made their way in, it was DJ Perenne who had the honor of getting things on track, with beats filled with energy and tribal-Caribbean rhythms, making a fun and fresh start.

Cortesía - Ale Grekoff Photo
Photo Credit: Ale Grekoff Photo

People bathed in sunlight, as selected cuts flowed through the air. With each passing minute, the venue was closer to full capacity. Everybody feeding off and amplifying the energy that emanated from Driss Skalli’s set. Progressive sounds, lush vocals and soft melodies with a deep ‘old-school’ touch elevated the afternoon to the heavens. Then, Lee Jo Life stepped up and infused the dancefloor with some high-voltage grooves, taking a darker detour, inviting guests to dive right in and celebrate in a unique sundown. Each new track upped the ante, as everybody got ready to welcome Hernan Cattaneo.

The Argentinean progressive ambassador delivered on a higher level, opening his set with a beautiful rendition of ‘Still Corners – Strange Pleasures’, courtesy of Maximo Gambini, that lit up the whole club. As day turned into night, the intensity grew, and the beats became inescapable. The journey was gripping, and the good vibes were everywhere. By the time the moon reflected high in the night sky, Hernan bestowed upon us a magnificent rework of ‘I Feel Love’, Depeche Mode’s stone-cold classic and visuals refracted upon the palm trees that danced to the rhythm of the music and the wind.

As usual, every single clubber on the dancefloor was grateful for the 3 magical hours that had flown by. Three hours of magic and wonder, light and darkness. The end of the night saw the hostess, Magdalena draw the curtains on an amazing experience, as her untameable techno was unleashed upon the beach club. Lights bathed every dancer in front of the turntables, as they danced the night away in one of the most sought-after locations of these past few years. Without a doubt, Tulum has become a safe-haven for electronic music.

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