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Partenaire selects his favorite Recovery Collective tracks

Argentine DJ/producer Partenaire has just unveiled his latest EP with the release of ‘Pleasurestate’. The new 3-tracker is already available to stream and purchase via Australian imprint Recovery Collective. Showcasing three new original cuts, ‘Pleasurestate’ presents a darker side of Partenaire’s progressive sound with mechanical frames and sparse melodies. Hybrids, they walk the frontier between techno, progressive house, and trance, standing as a testament to the artist’s evolution.

‘These sessions stemmed from my desire to create music to accompany a graphic novel about a girl in a dystopian Tokyo, where the machines/AI kept evolving. Through tools such as cellphones, computers, TVs, and more, they were able to snuff out interpersonal relationships (at least in the traditional sense), and people eventually forgot about feelings like love, friendship, etc…or at least their true meaning. As the girl is able to fall in love, she’s regarded as a savior for humankind…and a threat to the machines. These are snapshots of her adventure.’ explains Partenaire about the inspiration behind the new drop.

To celebrate the release of Partenaire’s ‘Plasurestate’, the argentine artist selects his Top 10 favorite tracks from the Recovery Collective catalog:

1. Partenaire – Pleasurestate (Original Mix)

‘Growing up, I always thought of electronica as the music of the future. This is my definition of our dystopian tomorrow. A cautionary tale about the excesses of modern society.’

2. PassONE – Emerald (JYDN Remix)

‘An absolutely mesmerizing piece of modern breaks. The original is already BIG, but JYDN lifts it to uncharted heights. Somewhere between heaven and the underworld.’

3. Anushée – Odacite (Original Mix)

‘Elegant through and through, Anushée’s ‘Odacite’ is a gripping piece that showcases her sensibility to channel raw power.’

4. Kalkara – Magic (Revamped Mix)

‘A throbbing, gritty techno roller with ethereal atmospheres and sultry vocal ambiances that contrast in a beautiful, entrancing way. Hypnotic AF.’

5. Arden (AU) – Vision (Original Mix)

‘Breaks, mangled female vocals lingering in the air, delicate acid stabs…an entrancing cut that veers straight into the future. ‘

6. Fabrication – Hot Foot (Jamie Stevens & Anthony Pappa Remix)

‘One of the hottest names right now like Fabrication, remixed by two progressive legends. Need we say more? Jamie Stevens and Anthony Pappa deliver an absolute blinder with a delectable cascade of iridescent synth lines and stabs.’

7. Bongani – Some Things Are Fluorescent (Original Mix)

‘Just class. A massive bassline, cavernous stabs, and gentle melodies make this one a Recovery Collective must-have from Bongani.’

8. Elliot Creed – Cloud of Fire (Original Mix)

‘Dark and relentless, Elliott Creed takes no prisoners on this one. Reckless from the onset, ‘Cloud of Fire’ thrashes everything in its path before unfurling a most grandiose breakdown, only to go at it again. Sheer power in pure state.’

9. Fabrication – Before We Know Light (Original Mix)

‘Electric and overpowering, ‘Before We Know Light’ boasts a unique strobing lead as its centerpiece, making it a standout in this collection. Grandiloquent, yet minimalistic, its Fabrication at his finest.’

10. Partenaire – Grayscale (Original Mix)

‘This is my little “outcast”, the darker side of beauty. I usually find that beauty and magic are in the ephemeral, and this is my testament to that. A gritty, slithering bassline over a broken frame and just melodic sparks and embers, freefalling, like ash over a collapsing structure.’

Partenaire’s ‘Pleasurestate’ EP is out now via Recovery Collective. Purchase your copy here.

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