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Sébastien Léger shares his 5 favorite memories from the All Day I Dream parties

Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream has announced its own festival as he brings together the ADID family from around the world and an eclectic mix of live acts. The 4-day music, art & culture festival will take place from May 12th-15th, 2022 at Oakland’s Woodward Reservoir.

Aided by the idyllic surroundings of California’s Woodward ReservoirADID will be showcasing the talents of Lee Burridge alongside Little DragonPoolsideRy XCubicolorGHEISTGuy GerberJan BlomqvistMatthew DekayÖona DahlSébastien LégerYokoOGorje HewekTim GreenRoy RosenfeldFacundo Mohrr, Flowers On MondayLost DesertBona Fide, and more.

As everyone gears up for the festival, Sébastien Léger shares his 5 favorite memories from the ADID events:

1. My very first ADID party was in Montreal, I believe in 2017, or was it 2018? That I can’t remember, but it was a really nice day, sunny and an early set as well, so I had the chance to play some laid-back tunes for a change!

2. December 2018, in Dubai, the first time I played my track ‘Ashes In The Wind’ in front of a crowd. I literally cried for the first time during a set, as the moment was beautiful and I thought about my dad who past away the year before. Fun fact, I said to Lee, “this track is for your label”. He wasn’t very impressed at first (laughter)!

3. I believe I played Toronto twice, and I think it has to be my favorite crowd ever, it was just incredible, with lots of energy and happy people, and I got lucky as the weather was horrendous 2 hours before, it almost got canceled!

4. Last September in NY at The Brooklyn Mirage, this was probably the most “brutal” set I played for an ADID, not that it was hard, but it was seriously a BIG night, and I had the chance to close the party, hence the party music!

5. I once had to play in Ibiza when Lee wasn’t there. I felt I was the captain of the ADID boat for a night (laughter)!

You can learn more about the All Day I Dream Festival and purchase your tickets here.

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