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Trinidad release debut album ‘Palm Trees and Thirty Degrees’

The trio to draw upon a range of musical influences.

After releasing a series of EPs, Swiss-based trio Trinidad has shared their first full-length record, titled ‘Palm Trees and Thirty Degrees’, which is comprised of 13 new cuts.

The LP sees the trio on form as they set out to create something ‘equally capable of sustaining the energy of a festival crowd as providing the background to a quiet summer evening with friends’.

For the project, Trinidad drew from a wide array of musical influences, while blending synthesizers with a church organ and opera-styled vocals. The album was produced in their own studios in Bern/Zurich and features collaborations with a number of artists: Cornelia Aeschbaer Firmin (Hang), MonoAbe (Mallets & Percussion), Jack Williams (Text on ‘Fleeting’), Julia Portmann (Vocals), Zenyth (Vocals) and Michael Meier (Electric Bass).

You can grab your copy of Trinidad’s ‘Palm Trees and Thirty Degrees’ here.


  1. Desembarco
  2. Lobby (feat. MonoAbe)
  3. Kopfkino (feat. MonoAbe)
  4. Sunset Bar
  5. Luciola
  6. Sagrada
  7. Tempus Fugit
  8. Elevate (Interlude)
  9. Alma
  10. Libération
  11. Fleeting (feat. Julia Portmann)
  12. Au Revoire
  13. Raízes (feat. Zenith) (Bonus Track)
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