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Be Svendsen Releases 3D Version Of ‘Scarecrow’

Be Svendsen releases 3D version of ‘Scarecrow’

The original track was released on Damian Lazarus’ label Rebellion.

Lasse Bruhn Svendsen, better known as Be Svendsen, decided to go for new sounds in his latest release: a different interpretation of his song ‘Scarecrow’ that is worth listening to with headphones.

This is a binaural / 3D audio track, which was created with the help of 3D audio experts Polygon. Due to its characteristics, the track conveys dreamy soundscapes. ’Scarecrow’ is an older track of mine that we decided to use because there are so many different elements that would be interesting to work with’, says Svendsen.

This binaural mix combines the musical artistry of the Danish artist with the technical genius of Polygon. It is a daring, elegant and immersive track and stands out for its new intro, which pays tribute to the late Italian composer Ennio Morricone with a soundscape similar to the ones that characterized him.

Check out ‘Scarecrow’ in 3D below.

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