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EG LABEL SERIES | Astral Records

Mixed by Paul Anthonee

01. Deciduous – Other World
02. Wielki – Maelstrom (Binaryh Remix)
03. Lastraw, Nine Collins – Her Kind
04. Leghet – Andromeda
05. Paul Anthonee – Cukan
06. Nohak – Call of Universe
07. Ta’kaam – Secondary
08. Wielki – Minuit Une
09. Areeas & Moodayz – Azalea
10. Areeas & Moodayz – Remedial (Paul Anthonee Remix)
11. Paul Angelo, Don Argento – Icarus

A space between ordinary and extraordinary.

Rising from the storied history of Movement imprint is a new concept imprint, Astral. Meaning ‘of the stars’ – Astral can be thought of an ecstatic, mystical out-of-body experience, wherein the spiritual traveler leaves the physical body and travels in an astral body onto ‘higher’ realms.

A fitting description for the musical blueprint of the label which looks to showcase the best in contemporary melodic house and techno. Holding down the A&R duties is long-time Movement artist Paul Anthonee who has been operating at the heart of the genre since its early beginnings.

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