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Mixed by AFFKT

01. Sascha Braemer – Vyolence
02. Raxon – Formulate
03. Nico Morano – Merci Paris (Joris Biesmans Remix)
04. Mattia Pompeo – Blanc
05. AFFKT – Parafernalia (Damon Jee Remix)
06. Vlad Yaki – Windrose (Zakir Remix)
07. Ubbah – Mechanical Dream
08. Darlyn Vlys – Stranger
09. Noissier – Driller
10. Depaart – Koi (Lauer remix)
11. Upercent – Retronar
12. Novakk – We are the future
13. AFFKT – Tarambana
14. Bufi – Siempre (Audio Junkies Remix)
15. AFFKT – Kawsay
16. Niko Schwind – Acid
17. Tom Zeta – Merry Go Round
18. Audio Junkies – Syncopated
19. Rafael Cerato – Ritual feat. Thomas Gandey
20. David Granha – Ghost in a Shell feat. Vincent Brasse (Animal Picnic & Aaryon Remix)
21. Renato Cohen – Vacuum Light
22. AFFKT – Barrejat
23. Piek – Paunk
24. Third Son – Fate feat. Haptic
25. Kid Culture – Visions

Once upon a time 11 years ago Sincopat was born, initially focused on the search for the musical essence of Sincopat’s Big Kahuna -Spanish composer, producer and mixer- Marc Martínez Nadal aka AFFKT, and of course with the conviction of having a different and personal story to tell, always looking to the future as a sign of identity.

The name Sincopat -syncopated in Valencian language- represents its own essence, its land, and the music, which actually serves as a starting point for the label.

Nowadays, the label, with more than two hundred releases, is in a moment of maturity, being a worldwide benchmark of avant-garde electronic music.

Some of the artists released and perfectly represent Sincopat’s philosophy are Darlyn Vlys, Piek, Audio Junkies, Blaktone, Mattia Pompeo, Marc De Pulse and Renato Cohen.

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