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Mixed by NHOAH

1. Lulu Schmidt – Space Between (Benzo Ferrari Remix)
2. Miami House Ensemble – The Last Stop
3. Miami House Ensemble – I Can‘t get Enough
4. Prochnow & Nhoah – The Final Start
5. Doctors On Decks – Massive Attack_Teardrops (DOD Remix)
6. Schlindwein – Arabesque
7. Janosch Ulm – Love Me
8. NHOAH – Between Vienna And The Stars
9. Tangowerk – Emergency feat. Lulu Schmidt (Janosch Ulm Remix)
10. Schlindwein – Textures
11. Thomas Lovelace – Tanz der Substanzen
12. NHOAH – Our House Dark Tunnel VIP
13. Doctors On Decks – Voices
14. NHOAH – Paris La Goutte D‘Or
15. Thomas Lovelace – Yugi
16. NHOAH – AmsterDanke – Struck By Lightning (feat. Ina Viola)
17. Ina Viola – Sheep
18. NHOAH – Wonderland
19. Docktors On Decks – NOW
20. Lulu Schmidt – Space Between

We are very pleased to take the next steps on our label’s journey. On our new website, we shall introduce the circle of artists we will work with intensively in the near future. R. O. T stands for ‘Respect Or Tolerate’. That was our philosophy; a playful thought at the start which still matters 23 years later. Back in the day we started full steam ahead with pretty much immediate success. Two of our bands are especially memorable. We played some of the biggest festivals with one of them, and were awarded gold record awards.

We are always there for our artists. Even when nobody knew what a 360° deal meant. We saw it as just another opportunity to close gaps prone to appearing throughout the career of an artist. If an artist doesn’t know how to work in the studio, if they don’t know how to work in a club or perform live on a 12×20 meter stage, how studio technology works, how to do a billing or tax return or how to stand up to big business partners who want to push them… We support them through it all.

In his previous life, Nhoah was a successful producer. But we also design light shows, play drums, manage, publish, and move around houses with our artists. We have always been more of an artist collective, a sworn-in community as opposed to business partners. To this day, the family cohesion among artists is what turned us into a successful label.

Over the years, we have come to focus more on electronic music, simply because we enjoy a night out. Dancing has always meant a lot to us. Our main criterion for working together is that we inspire each other, that we motivate each other and that we share a drive to succeed. Music is the be-all and end-all, but connecting on a human level is important to us. We ourselves are artists, not economists who only look at the figures. Yet, of course, we are also well versed doing that and have built a worldwide network of supporters.

We are significantly involved in the artistic design. There are several studios, in Berlin and Vienna, while we also work internationally such as from Miami. All our artists play live or DJ. We`re always interested in border-crossing ideas. Stereotypes bore us. Please check out our site, listen to the artists of the Respect Or Tolerate family and see what we do for yourself.

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