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Mixed by Jamie Stevens and Uone.

01. Sanoi – Castle On The Hill (Original Mix)
02. The Oddness – Exhale feat Anita Musca (Namito Remix)
03. The Oddness – Momentum (Jamie Stevens In Excess Remix)
04. Beacon Bloom – Droplet (Niko Schwind remix)
05. Beacon Bloom – Nothing Here But You (Uone & Jamie Stevens Remix)
06. Shady – Your Skin (Uone & Out of Sorts Dub Remix)
07. NuKreative – Enigma (Original Mix)
08. Uone & Out Of Sorts – Pass Not Forgotten feat John Parkinson (Original Mix)
09. BONDI & SAAND – Mission Control (Uone Remix)

From the shimmering shores of New Zealand’s electronic capital to the world-renowned dance floors of Australia’s iconic Vision Hound & Chi Wow Wah Town events, label founders Uone and Out of Sorts have joined forces to bring you their spine-tingling record label, Beat & Path.

For over a decade, we have shared our vibrations, both locally and on an international scale, releasing on some of the world’s most respected labels and captivating crowds across all four corners of the globe. Along the way, we have not just made friends, but built a family. And now we seek to pave a path for those who follow. Nurturing talent from across New Zealand and Australia, Beat & Path is harnessing the region’s musical powers to create a label of international distinction. Our drum roll is to showcase the finest talent that our two nests have to offers, whilst nurturing young blood and cross-pollinating with first-rate producers from around the globe.

Beat & Path specializes in deep, organic vibrations with a signature electronic edge. From homegrown dusty desert twangs to inspiring sounds from throughout the world, the label aims to take you on its own unique journey through electronic soundscapes from an angle that you may have never seen. Since our inception in 2016, the label has enlisted a promising slew of up and coming artists to its roster, including the likes of Caly Jandro, Philosophia, Boy Oh Boy, Moontide, The Oddness, Jamie Stevens & Timmus, whilst showcasing world-class producers Thankyou City, Be Svendsen, Nicone, Oliver Koletzki, Madmotormiquel, David Keno, Timboletti, Sabo, KMLN & many more.

We have shared stories of friendship, passion, and nights that never end. Now, BEAT & PATH becomes the book from which we tell our stories. Aside from the undeniable talent we seek to cultivate, there is a certain magic here we feel we need to share, and there is only one way to do so. Let us show you. Take a walk down our Beat & Path.

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