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EG LABEL SERIES | Meanwhile Recordings

Mixed by Olga Misty

01. Sebastian Sellares – The Stars Above [meanwhile]
02. Paul Deep – Nina (Original Mix) [meanwhile]
03. Paul Deep – Shura (Original Mix) [meanwhile]
04. Alex O’Rion – The Serpent [meanwhile]
05. Alex O’Rion – The Chase [meanwhile]
06. GMJ & Matter – The Path [meanwhile]
07. Roger Martinez – 80s (GMJ & Matter Remix) [meanwhile]
08. Alex O’Rion – Echium [meanwhile]
09. Paul Deep – Deeper Dye (Original Mix) [meanwhile]
10. Matter – Amanita [meanwhile]
11. GMJ – Rite of Passage (Matter Remix) [meanwhile]
12. Nopi – Creative Sheet [meanwhile]
13. GMJ & Matter – Microclimate (Andrea Cassino Remix) [meanwhile]
14. GMJ & Matter – Lost on Original (Imran Khan Sunset Mix) [meanwhile]
15. GMJ – Precipice (Sebastian Sellares Remix) [meanwhile]
16. Sebastian Sellares – Dunes at Dawn [meanwhile]
17. GMJ & Matter – Eldarin [meanwhile]
18. Roger Martinez – Cosmic Drum [meanwhile]

Founded in 2020, meanwhile is the musical heart and outlet of GMJ & Matter.

Since its inception, the label has positioned itself at the forefront of modern deep progressive house, holding to the highest quality release standards, and featuring some of the world’s finest artists.

A growth ascent among the genre’s elite has been confirmed in 2021 with a rise to the top 10 labels in the sound on Beatport. The past 12 months have welcomed onboard resident DJ’s amháin, Olga Misty, Paul Deep, Forerunners, Sebastian Sellares & DJ Ogawa, spreading the music to all corners of the globe.

With a schedule packed with quality and other exciting projects in the works, meanwhile’s standing continues to rise.

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