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EG LABEL SERIES | Oddity Records

Fur Coat pres. Oddity Restrospective Mix

01. Fur Coat – Orbital (Original Mix)
02. Dubspeeka – Mariana (Original Mix)
03. Black Peters – Sirens (Original Mix)
04. Colyn – Khazad Dum (Original Mix)
05. Fur Coat – Lonely Nights (Original Mix)
06. Øostil – Placebo (Hunter/Game Remix)
07. ENØS – Eternal Roamer (Original Mix)
08. Recode – Stand Together (Original Mix)
09. Coeus – Echoes (Original Mix)
10. Mathame – Starburst (Locked Groove Remix)
11. Avidus – Stella (Original Mix)
12. Antonio Ruscito – Funzione Infinito (Original Mix)
13. Artche – Altered State (Original Mix)
14. Moonwalk – Solaris (Undercatt Remix)
15. Esoteric Circle – Tomorrow is in your hands (Original Mix)

Oddity is an imprint curated and delivered by Fur Coat, focusing on melodic house and techno. Having begun to drive his career and sound in a deeper direction, the realization of his own label has given him the best platform to showcase this.

“Starting my own label is something that I´ve had in mind for a long time. It’s a platform to express myself and have 100% the control on the art concept I want to put on each vinyl, the music I want to show from myself and the artists I share passion for, giving me the ability to invite them onto the label.

The label is giving Fur Coat the opportunity to explore artistically and promises to give a platform to new artists that fit with the sonic direction, whilst also inviting heritage talent onboard for remixing.

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